November 11, 2020

By Kari Janiszewski

Crazy story.....

The reason I started my business was because I had become a single parent, living on my own, over night. After years of battling in court I finally was able to speak out about my story. Three days after our judge made his ruling I received an email about getting involved with One Mom's Battle. To help organize the Little Rock, Arkansas event. Tina, the founder of One Mom's Battle, would speak about Family Court Awareness! Not only did I jump on that but I was able to speak as well! I was also able to bring together my two passions! Live edge and bringing awareness to domestic violence, emotional and psychological abuse and the effects it has on children. Tina was a lifesaver and during my divorce, I would not have known how to document, take notes, or understand that other people were and still are going through same thing. I wasn't alone in this nightmare! 

So I am honored to show a picture of my live edge table at the family court awareness event. On it is a handprint and a number. The handprint represents a child's hand, the number represents the number of child deaths due to divorcing or separating parents. It's heartbreaking. 

Meeting Tina and being able to stand with her and many other amazing people to speak out about this was a dream I never thought would happen. Having my picture taken with her during her amazing mission was a dream a never thought would happen. Finally my live edge table being in the picture with us to help shed light on this type of abuse was most definitely a dream I never thought would happen.

Goes to show, you never know what God has in store for you.